The 7 Most Common Tumble Dryer Repair Issues

Tumble dryers are rapidly becoming one of the most popular appliances on the market. In tropical climes, particularly during rainy seasons, it is difficult to dry washed items. After utilizing a tumble dryer in your apartment or flat, your clothes will feel and smell great. Internal parts of tumble dryers wear down and break down over time, resulting in malfunctions. When your tumble dryer breaks down, your garments become moist and smelly. We recognize the challenge. The service professionals are skilled and competent to help you with any problems with your tumble dryer.

Tumble dryers are a vital part of any laundry routine because they allow individuals to rapidly and conveniently dry their clothes without having to wait for them to dry naturally. As with any other frequently used product, your dryer will eventually break down and require repair. Because thousands of fires are started each year as a result of a malfunctioning dryer, knowing when to seek tumble dryer repairs Pretoria is crucial.


Tumble dryers are appreciated by homeowners throughout the country. Washing and drying your clothes is an essential part of your everyday routine. Continuous use, on the other hand, will wear down your dryer over time. So, what are some of the most common signs that your dryer needs service? Here are 7 indications that your tumble dryer needs repair:


  1. It comes to a halt in the middle of its cycle.

Several issues can be found in your dryer stops in the middle of a cycle many times. Overheating might cause your dryer to halt in the middle of a cycle, signaling an electrical problem or a ventilation blockage. Clean your dryer’s lint trap and inspect the dryer’s winds. If everything appears to be in order, your dryer is most likely experiencing an electrical problem.


  1. There’s a loud noise.

Dryers create some noise, even when they are operating properly. Unlike white noise, appliance noise normally fades into the background. If you hear unusual noises like loud buzzing, humming, clanking, or clunking, the internal components most likely need to be fixed. Now is the time to call a professional dryer repair service.

If you hear loud screaming and grinding sounds that sound almost metallic while your dryer is running, it’s a clear sign that the motor bearings in your dryer need to be changed right away. Damaged motor bearings can cause your dryer to stop working entirely, and if the problem isn’t addressed quickly, it could lead to further damage.


  1. It’s taking a long time to dry.

When a cycle takes longer than usual to complete, it’s a solid sign that something is wrong with your dryer. If your clothes aren’t drying as quickly as they used to, it’s time to call a repair company and get your dryer repaired. The following are some of the most common causes of this issue:

  • The dryer vent has become clogged.
  • A faulty electrical fuse
  • There is a fault in Igniter.

Tumble dryer efficiency can reveal a lot about a machine’s health, so don’t ignore warning signs like long drying times. It’s more than an annoyance; it’s a sign that something’s wrong with your dryer, and you’ll need tumble dryer repair.


  1. The drum isn’t turning.

This is a common issue with older dryers, leading homeowners to believe their dryer has died and they need to replace it. A drum not spinning, on the other hand, is usually a lot easier to fix than people think, as it can usually be fixed by just replacing the dryer’s belt, as broken belts are the most common cause of this problem. A professional can determine what caused your whirlpool dryer to stop spinning and whether it can be repaired. Common flaws, on the other hand, include:

  • Drive Belt is broken.
  • Drum Bearing that is worn out.
  • Faulty drive motor


          5. A burning odor

When was the last time you cleaned the lint trap in your dryer? If you notice any weird aromas, such as burning or smoke, turn off your dryer and call the tumble dryer experts right away. If you don’t clean your lint trap regularly, the lint might clog up components of your internal working process and start burning, providing a serious fire risk! You may need to clean your dryer vents as well. Expert appliance repair professionals can diagnose and rectify the issue.


          6. The temperature is insufficiently warm

The untrained eye or ear cannot always detect problems with your dryer. Is your dryer functional but not heating up as rapidly as it used to? Place your hand on the dryer or near the door while it is in the middle of its cycle. Is it producing less heat than it was previously? If this is the case, the heating element in your dryer will most likely need to be repaired before it can resume normal operation.


          7. The hood flap will not open if the dryer vent is from the outside.

Lint buildup can make it difficult for air to move easily through the dryer hose and outer vent aperture, causing the flap to not open properly.


      8. Lint is ejected out of your dryer with each start.

As soon as you hit the button on your dryer, you’ll notice a sudden rush of air where there was previously stagnant air. This is very frequent because the air in your dryer must go out for the temperatures in the machine to increase sufficiently for it to perform correctly.

When you turn the knob or push the button, the material comes out of your vent opening with the gust of air, your vent system is likely in need of a deep dryer vent cleaning. Because all of that lint has gathered in the system and is now outside the screened region, your lint screen isn’t catching it. If you notice a problem, contact a dryer repair service right away.

Are You in Need of Tumble Dryer Repair?

Unfortunately, not all appliance repairs are simple or enjoyable. You may need the assistance of a competent repair service to correctly diagnose and repair your device. At Appliance Repair, we endeavor to be the finest tumble dryer repairs near me. Our tumble dryer vent repair and cleaning experts are trained, insured, and bonded to keep your dryer safe and efficient. Our prices will always be competitive. 

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