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Poorly maintained vehicles will not only cause you financial loss, but also pose a risk to other road users. You can do everything from changing your oil to performing a full diagnostic on your vehicle. Why is it important to maintain your vehicle on an ongoing basis?

Improve fuel consumption.

Regular maintenance can help you save fuel. You will use more fuel if you don’t change your engine oil or air filter. If you ignore it, your engine will wear faster. Standard oil changes should be done every 10,000-15,000 km or once per year. A comprehensive safety inspection of your vehicle’s suspension should be done at least once per year.

You can keep yourself safe and still save money.

It is much cheaper to replace your timing belt once every 60,000 kms than to rebuild your engine because of a broken belt. A regular oil change service can help you avoid getting stuck by cleaning and inspecting your battery. Unmaintained cars are more likely to cause accidents that can be costly and dangerous for you and others on the road.

Avoid major injury.

Routine maintenance can prevent many serious automotive problems such as transmission and engine problems. You can find out which preventative maintenance service you vehicle requires and how often, by consulting your owner’s guide or visiting a qualified auto shop. Two basic maintenance services that can greatly increase the longevity of your vehicle are oil changes and fluid inspections.

What does regular preventive maintenance entail?

Oil Changes on an Annual Basis

An oil change is the first service that any vehicle receives from the manufacturer. This service is done when your new vehicle has covered 10,000-15,000 kms, depending on which make or brand. During this period, engine components start to settle together. Over time, tiny metal fragments may become loose and can mix with engine oil.

A service for oil changes will help remove any debris and keep your engine running at its best. An oil change service is necessary every 10,000-15,000 km or once per year, depending on which is the first. Some manufacturers offer service intervals up to 20,000 km. However, we do not recommend that you extend your service to such long intervals.

Inspection of the transmission

Your transmission is the most costly component of your vehicle when it comes to repairs. Without a transmission, your engine wouldn’t be able transfer the power to the wheels to move the car.

It is important to schedule regular inspections in order to avoid transmission problems. This should include a fluid flush, if required.

Battery Maintenance and Replacement

Without a battery, your vehicle’s engine won’t be able crank or start.Brands have different battery life expectations. You don’t have to wait for your battery to die before you can replace it.

Belt Replacement

There are many belts that will keep your car running smoothly, including the timing belt, fan belt, drive belt and power steering belt.

After a while, these belts wear out and could snap, causing severe damage to your engine.

You can find information about the service of changing your belt in your owner’s manual, or at your local auto repair shop. Your vehicle’s make and model will determine how often you need to service your timing belt.

Inspection of brakes, tyres and tires

Misfunctioning brakes can lead to major road collisions. This shows how important strong brakes are for your vehicle’s safety, performance, and overall safety.

It is a good idea every time you have an oil change to inspect your suspension and brakes. Your brakes won’t work optimally if your tyres become worn. This will make it difficult to drive your car in wet conditions or on slippery roads.

To help reduce wear and prolong the life of your tires, schedule a tyre rotation every 15,000 km.


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We are happy to help you with any questions. Regular maintenance can make your vehicle last longer and help you save time.