How to prepare your house in preparation for interior painting

You will be able to save time and money by knowing how to prepare your house for painting. This article will show you how to prepare your home for a paint job.

7 steps to prepare your home and interior painting

1. Take out all soft furnishings

Your first step should be to remove all your soft furnishings before you start a painting project. These can be curtains, rugs, drapes or carpets. It will only slow down the process by leaving curtains hanging around on the mats or rails.

To prevent paint from dripping onto your windows, remove as much of the material as possible. You can also tape paper sheets over your windows to keep your privacy.

2. You can move and cover your furniture

Next, move and cover all furniture. Place all furniture in the central part of the room, and then cover it with a cloth or tarp. Although you could move your furniture to another room, or to a storage unit, packing it neatly in the centre of the room is sufficient in most cases.

It’s important to move furniture so there is room for painting contractors.

3. Make sure you secure your appliances and electronics

Once you have covered all of your furniture, it is time to move all electronics and appliances.

You might consider moving your electronics into a different room if your home is not being painted. It’s possible to leave them in one room, but ensure they aren’t in the way or damaged.

4. Art, photos, and ornaments can be taken down

Preparing for a painting job requires that you also remove all of your pictures and art frames. Your photos or artworks are important so make sure they are properly wrapped and stored in a safe location. Painting, clocks and mirrors are delicate items that you need to be careful with.

If you’re sure they will return to the exact same spot, leave the hooks on the wall.

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5. Insure immovables

Some things won’t you be able to move when you prepare your home? Light fixtures, sockets, switches, and other items will need to be covered up and sealed. Tape or plastic can be used for sealing off items that aren’t easily moved.

6. Prepare your walls

Painting your home is only possible if you prepare your walls properly. It is important to clean your walls before you paint. Dust and dirt can build up on the walls, making it difficult to remove the paint. It will also affect the quality and appearance of your paint job.

It may seem like an insignificant task to clean stains or remove dust, but it can have a profound impact on the end result.

7. Prepare a temporary living arrangement

You will need to arrange temporary living spaces as the final step in preparation for your home’s painting. Some people will need to move out completely while others may only require temporary living space. The way you arrange your home will depend on whether it’s your entire house or a portion of it.

You can leave the space to allow for the work to continue without interruption. It will also prevent accidents and limit your exposure to paint fumes.

It is important to prepare your house for painting. Preparing your house for painting projects will help you save time and ensure that the project runs smoothly and this would help when hiring a painting contractor. You will be able to save your valuables and enjoy the process. It will also give you peace of mind throughout the entire project.

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